5 Ways To Keep Your Cool Behind The Wheel This Summer

Traffic jams to the beach and battling supermarket car parks for the last bag of charcoal – summer is a challenging time for you and your vehicle, but there are ways you can make driving in high temperatures more bearable:

1. Avoid overheating
Coolant – Coolant levels should stay consistent in between services. If yours has dropped, it could indicate a problem. Check once a week when your engine’s had a chance to cool down that the level is between the maximum and minimum.
Fan – Your cooling fan should kick in when your engine reaches a certain temperature to prevent it from overheating. Without it, the coolant can reach boiling point which could damage your engine.
Being stuck in a traffic jam in soaring temperatures can get too much for your engine’s cooling fan. If this happens and you notice your temperature gauge begin to creep up, turn the heater on full and activate your air conditioning. If this doesn’t work, pull over and switch the engine off.

2. Prepare for glare
Bugs and dust can make sun glare bouncing off your windscreen more pronounced. Be sure to keep a pair of non-reactive sunglasses in your car, and keep your screen clean and chip free. Stock up on screen wash and replace worn-out wiper blades – old ones that are past their best will only make things worse.

3. Check your tyres
There’s an increased risk of punctures in the summer, as hot weather and under inflation puts pressure on existing damage such as cracked walls and other weak spots. Keep on top of your tyre pressure so it’s in line with manufacturing guidelines, which can be found either in your handbook or on the inside of your driver door.
Don’t neglect your tread either. This should be at least 1.6mm to disperse surface water following rainfall.

4. Stay cool
It’s not just your car that can suffer in hot weather. Spare a thought for your passengers and yourself by keeping the interior of your car comfortable. You can keep the heat out by parking in the shade or using sun shields, stock up on extra water so everyone stays hydrated. It goes without saying that children or pets shouldn’t be left in a car on hot days, even with the window left open.

5. Protect your bodywork
Loose stones are rife on newly resurfaced roads, which tend to be completed in the summer months. Recommended speed limits are there for a reason, and if you exceed it, your bodywork could pay as your tyres flick up loose debris. Unfortunately, you can’t account for other drivers, but you can at least leave a good distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Your car insurance can include breakdown cover to rescue you when all else fails this summer. Speak to the team at R Collins to find out how this can suit your vehicle and driving habits down to the ground, with the possibility of saving money. Call 01977 558391 or email enquires@rcollins.co.uk.