Not under the doormat! 5 of the worst places to store a spare key

Where do you keep your spare key? Some places are safer than others. Leaving it out in the open could leave your home exposed to opportunistic thieves or seasoned criminals. We take a look at some of the worst places to hide your keys.

Under the doormat
This one is self-explanatory. Under your doormat will be the first place that opportunistic criminals look when finding a way to access your home. If you make it difficult for them, they may just walk away, but leaving a key in such an obvious spot is almost as bad as handing it to a thief yourself.

Under a flowerpot
Nearly as bad as the doormat, we’re afraid. It might be a slightly heavier alternative, but anyone attempting to steal from your home will more than likely be willing to make that extra effort. If you’re prepared to dig a little deeper in the name of home security, it may be slightly more secure to bury it in the soil of the plant but there are far easier, and less messy, alternatives.

Under or in a fake rock
We’ve all seen them in the corner of B&Q, fake rocks which promise to safely secure your key in guise of – well – a standard rock. These usually look completely fake against all the other rocks in your garden, completely defying the point of creating an inconspicuous hiding place. Burglars are savvy to the fake rock method by now, so save your money and think again.

Hidden key box
Hidden key boxes can be useful, whether they’re tucked under your patio or stored magnetically under your car. However, burglars are wise to our tricks and may think the best place to look for your key is the best place you thought to hide it. Once any tenacious thieves get their hands on even the most secure of key boxes, the security of your home has been compromised.

Key safe by door

A key safe by the door should really only be used by short-let holiday home owners and vulnerable citizens who need to allow carers to access their homes. Otherwise, this method of storing a key is not watertight enough to ensure the security of your home.

We would recommend that you leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour or a friend/family member who lives nearby. It’s advisable that you don’t leave a key out in public, whether secured or not, in any capacity.

If you do so, this could undermine the security of your home and may invalidate your home insurance should an incident occur. If you have any questions or concerns about your home insurance, make sure to contact R Collins & Co on 01977 558391.