Dealing with the summer months as a restaurateur

Summer is often the busiest seasons for those running food establishments and with the right planning in place, you can ensure that things run smoothly and successfully over this period. We take a look at what you need to consider in order to ensure your restaurant remains amongst the hottest in town over the summer months.

1) Major events 
Keep track of any major events going on throughout the UK and in your local area which could affect your business and ensure you’re prepared in advance. If you’re located in a town near a major festival, or there’s a big sporting match nearby, you could well be getting an influx of custom; ensure you have enough stock and staff available to meet the expected demand.

2) Outdoor seating 
Especially prevalent if you’re located in a scenic area or on the waterfront of a city, outdoor seating could be what makes a customer choose you over your competitors on a hot summer’s day. Think about getting your licence through well in advance, as it can take a while to get it approved by your local council.

3) Air conditioning & ventilation
If outdoor seating is limited or not possible in your establishment, ensure that you’re providing a comfortable indoor environment for your guests. No-one wants to be dining in a restaurant whilst uncomfortably warm and dripping with sweat. This will also make the working environment better for your staff who already spend a lot of time rushing around.  

4) Menu changes 
If your typical menu is full of hearty, rustic dishes, something more typically suited to the winter months, it may be worth developing a summer menu to appeal to those looking for something lighter. During hot weather, your customers may be more inclined to opt for something cold, like a salad or a sandwich. 

5) Food & drink festivals 
Are there any local food or drink festivals happening in your area? This could be your opportunity to get your restaurant on the map. Many food festivals include cookery demonstrations by local chefs from nearby restaurants. They provide the power, all you need to do is bring along whatever you need to aid your creation and off you go.

6) Tourist hotspots 
Every city has some tourist hotspots that are sweltering during the summer months. If you often partake in leafleting or are looking for somewhere effective to exhibit promotional material, seek out these spots and get the word out to those visiting the area. You could even create a summer promotion to encourage tourists through the doors.

If you’re concerned about what your insurance covers in terms of events, outdoor seating and otherwise, make sure to get in touch with a member of our friendly team at R Collins & Co. We can review your existing cover and make any recommendations, if necessary, to keep you fully protected during this busy period. Call us on 01977 558391.