It’s the most valuable time of the year: here’s how to protect your Christmas

Unless you’ve decided to forgo the present exchange, then the collective wealth of your possessions is likely to go up either moderately or significantly around Christmas time.

Many insurance policies account for this by providing extra cover around Christmas, but if you need more than the standard, which varies depending on provider, it’s important to contact them before you start hiding away expensive gift purchases.

You might need more if you’re hosting Christmas this year and need to times present hauls by 10, or if you’re concentrating on high-tech or high-end jewellery gifts this season.

Pay attention to newly purchased or acquired items and you’re less likely to be disappointed if you do need to claim for a break-in and don’t receive the settlement you were expecting.

Why would this happen? If you underinsure your contents, which can easily happen if you’ve not notified your insurer of recent big purchases, then your claim amount can be reduced by the same percentage you’re short on your cover allowance. A miscalculated Christmas spend could put a real dampener on your festive cheer, if a burglary hasn’t done so already.

If you’re not sure how much your insurance increases over Christmas, or whether it does at all, check your insurance policy, or get in touch with your provider.

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a well-stocked fridge, which could breakdown when you least expect it. While you’re on the phone to your insurer or dropping them at email, check that the food in your fridge is covered should it stop working, so those gold dusted profiteroles and that healthy sized cheese board can be replaced without extra cost to yourself. For further advice and information, call R Collins & Co on 01977 558391.